because all good bloggers welcome september with a post…

Suddenly, there is one-fourth left to the year. Summer as far as I am concerned is fading into the ‘school year’ at the studio; wrapping itself in shorter days of darker and deeper blues. The heat is likely to increase as we stretch into October, and I’m likely to start yearning for hibernation. But the Thing I thought would be terrible ~ a summer without one of my heretofore closest friends ~ was entirely delightful and chocked full of good things. My youth has been renewed like the eagle’s. And Rachael Yamagata is coming to the city soon and maybe I will make it over to have her sing to me. She is one of the underrated greats in my humble opinion. Her five-year old single, Even If I Don’t has been on repeat this morning, which of course spurs a rabbit trail of playlist possibilities. But I feel myself falling into rambling now, so I’ll leave you with just one song you definitely for sure should privy yourself to: Pitseleh (Elliot Smith) | Portland Cello Project.

happy weekend,

~ b


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