dark brown sugar cashew butter cookies

A couple of weeks ago I purchased dark brown sugar on a budgetary whim, not remembering how it affects baking chemistry. Ever since then I have been enjoying deliciously rich and chewy almond butter cookies maybe just slightly too often. Today I stocked up on cashew and almond butter from Trader Joe’s and used what was left of my brown sugar in a cashew butter coco powder recipe. These cookies are particularly delightful with my special, non-proprietary blend of detox tea. Ha.

1c cashew butter + 1/2c dark brown sugar + tbsp vanilla extract + 1 egg + a smattering of coco power + choco chips | 350 for 14 min.

I also got an enormous ice cream scoop for dolloping the sticky dough from World Market for $8. Enormous because that was all they had, but also because it gives the cookies more of a bakery feel. But you would definitely want to flatten them; and because of the richness of the brown sugar, they’re borderline overly enormous. Overly enormous, or decadent depending on your body’s tolerance for dessert.

oh hey.

In other news I’m listening to a jazz playlist on Spotify as I manufacture this post because a new friend is on a quest to ‘induct me into the society of jazz appreciators.’ Apparently, there will be an exam. I do like Samba, so I guess I’ve got my foot in the door already.

happy weekend,

~ b

13 responses to “dark brown sugar cashew butter cookies”

  1. I’m crazy about cashews but I’ve never actually baked with cashew butter. I guess I’ve got no excuses now not to, right?!


    • I actually really like the cashew butter for that reason. It’s nice to have simple gluten free cookies that don’t have heavy tones of other flavors. 🙂


  2. I think the best part of my weekend was buying cashew butter at the local store! I fell in love with it last summer and use it to top anything from pancakes to oatmeal. I’m so glad your recipe uses cashew butter, because I feel like it’s always sliding under the radar with peanut butter and almond butter getting all the attention. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe, and I can’t wait to see more in the future! Plus, your photography is so lovely 🙂

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