I have all these things I make and don’t know what to do with. I have all these words I’m mulling over that come from somewhere in the depth of my soul, or are otherwise lifted from printed pages or swallowed by my ears in the carrying air I can’t see.

One of my favorite school families is changed in a way that makes my heart hurt, and others of the littles get picked up too long after class. And the days are getting shorter and even in this post I am getting carried away.

So anyways, I made a third WordPress today and replaced it with a third Instagram account five minutes later, and between all that and VSCO there were still just random photos that I wanted to be Bigger, but don’t exactly know what to do with. I probably just want them taking up physical space in dark wood or white-washed frames. And that’s a project I can’t at the moment afford, but I can decide anyway to be inspired by my own art and encouraged by moments I’ve already lived through. And anyway, tomorrow is a Thursday.

And also, This is Us on NBC is totes muh new jam. And also John John Florence won the WSL title race this week.

Lastly, I had a brief moment four hour episode of panic thinking I had consumed 2100 grams of sugar over the weekend, then realized it was more like 300 and I should probably just always use a calculator. Still too much sugar from one food source, but clearly not coma-inducing…

Happy Wednesday night or early Thursday morning depending on where in the world you are.

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One response to “favorites lately”

  1. Love love this is us (when I remember to turn it on). Love the pic of the succulent with city in the background. Love the pics of you in that gray striped shirt #beauty

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