I had two mochas today and I’ve been listening to Christmas music since Tuesday morning. The Oh Hello’s Family Christmas Album is one of the best discoveries I have made in the past few years. Everyone should download it… definitely worth the $4 …

This morning I had plans to spend some time in the Financial District/Embarcadero Center after standing in front of the ocean for a bit. Partly because I could use some of the Bustle and Gold Rush vibes it has to offer, and partly because I had plans to obtain a Caribbean Blue Le Cruset tea kettle as my birthday treat yoself. I ended up taking the Nx from Ocean Beach which was a fun little adventure in itself. The masculine energy of the finance and business world is a striking contrast to all the estrogen I soak up at the ballet studio; I think I will plan on spending some more time a little further in the heart of Fidi in the next few weeks …

The Nx spit us all out at Montgomery and Bush which is wayyy downtown and not new to me. However, I did stumble upon a sweet brunch spot on California St. before heading over to Sur la Table to complete my city mission. As it turns out, that kettle isn’t in stock on the floor of any brick and mortar location…available online only. I did, however, score a sweet pair of jeans on sale at Anne Taylor Loft, share a lunch table with a Russian interpreter, and acquire 3 new skinny gold-filled rings from a vendor for only $10 each. Hashtag HBD to me. And anyway, the sky this morning at Ocean Beach was the color of the kettle I wanted …

happy weekend,

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