Yesterday my mid-sized human homegirl decided I needed to experience the wonder that is a snapchat filter. Because I am constantly and intentionally a late adapter on the margins of technological society, I’ve never actually used it.


She proceeded to take screen shots which she texted to me in bulk ~ all from her mom’s phone, of course. We later learned that there’s an option to save straight to your phone… so even if you don’t have Snapchat [like me], you can still benefit from the glorious favors of a green eyed glitter face filter. No one will suspect a thing!


That was Caiden’s favorite one. She was convinced for about 3 seconds that I actually had green eyes and that she had just never noticed. Ha. Can’t say I hate what the flower crown does for you, though. I think I finally understand why it seems to be the favorited go-to for selfies.


On an entirely related note, this was an unsponsored post and I still haven’t downloaded or signed up for Snapchat.

peace and blessings,

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