So I went to Bolinas for my birthday. I had braced myself for a locals only vibe per the things I’d read online about how the residents take the sign down off the highway so no one can find the place. That wasn’t at all my experience. Most everyone I encountered was actually fairly hospitable. You can definitely sense a wariness of tourism and of the striving energy and consumerism that bustles beneath the beach town in the greater Bay Area. But that’s exactly why I wanted to go… to get a quiet moment away and just be alive for a minute on the earth. That being said, I didn’t take a ton of photos once we got there. Most of the photos I took that day were of Muir Beach on the way up and Stinson Beach on the way back down. In Bolinas, I was mostly just resting. 

If ever you get a chance to traipse over, say Hi to Canyon for me. 

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