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… but not because I am a woman of ritual. What tends to happen is that I have ideas for a blog post, but only half ones. And Instagram is RIGHT THERE… just three thumb taps away! No context needed; just aesthetic little squares and emojis. None of this whole entire sentence forming business. And besides that, all of my photos are in VSCO before they’re anywhere else… so why not just ‘publish’ them?

And then, once I’m rested…full of cake and finished with writing my song, WordPress awaits: a more rigorous exercise in creation. Of course by now, all my ‘content’ has been posted in several different places. But there’s something about arranging it here that keeps me keeping you posted. Thanks for reading, Folkbird friends.

happy weekend,

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2 responses to “true life: i am redundant…”

    • You are absolutely right!! That’s another reason why I keep this space going… I know that it’s important for me to have an outlet that requires the discipline of writing something that anyone else would want to read. Thanks for the reminder!!

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