Fun fact I gathered from Barbarian Days: starting with Judah, the streets down at Ocean Beach that run perpendicular to the edge of the earth are named alphabetically: Judah, Kirkham, Lawton, Moraga, Noriega, Ortega, Pacheo…

Typically, I sit square around Judah, or traipse up towards Sutro Baths, but today I decided to traverse in the opposite direction. The surf really is much gnarlier down by Noriega, along with the view. Behind the crumbling foam and rainbow spray are deeper waves that rise taller and provide longer rides… not anything my iPhone could capture, so I stuck to what was nearer to my lens:

Once I finally made it back further inland, I stopped at one of my favorite coffee places in the Financial District to people-watch and edit photos. Naturally, my phone died.

the last moment captured
As Squintz Michael Palladorez would say, I gotta lotta things on my mind! … so rather than go straight home after coffee, I rode all the way out to the valley to have a late lunch of lettuce wrapped beef with avocado and french fries. And sit. And stare. And think.

Thursdays are still my favorite days of the week.

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