Lately I’ve been thinking about origin stories. Because Moana was amazing and seriously changed my life, as aforementioned. Ha. … also because I was reflecting on my seemingly arbitrary surf affinity… and because I was searching for continuity in the fact that I minored in Jewish Studies while earning my Psychology degree. I noticed my growing library of surf history + competition + culture related titles; remembered my carefully¬†curated collection of Jewish historical, [auto]biographical, and fiction works locked away in a southern storage unit back East; and realized – for the first time – that there is in fact an existing continuity woven through my chosen courses of study: stories of origin, and connection to the fundamental life-giving elements of the planet.¬†

My favorite scene slash song from Moana¬†is when she meets Maui for the first time and he launches into a self-exalting explanation of the role he has played in the orchestration of the world she¬†knows. It’s a fun, well-written song and helps explain the accomplishments and characteristics attributed to the demi-god. Assuming, of course, that it’s accurate and Disney did my homework for me. ha.

At any rate, all the things churning about in my mind have inspired me to celebrate God as not only the Creator and Sustainer of Everything, but of all the collective good things I enjoy. My tendency sometimes is to overlook¬†the trees for the forest they comprise, but Maui’s song¬†brought¬†to mind the many amazing phenomenon that exist on the earth. All of those things are made and exist and occur because Someone created them and set them in motion. And I believe that Someone is God.

So anyways, I had the exciting idea to read through the book of Genesis again and really hone in on the Origin Story¬†as presented in the first scroll of the Pentateuch. I haven’t committed to a particular structure or timeline, but have identified five categories of thought to sit with as I read through:¬†






I spend¬†a great deal of¬†time thinking of psychological and theoretical things, so I’m pretty stoked to be intentional about putting thought and attention to the natural, physical world beyond just photographing the ocean and slicing lemons to¬†squeeze¬†for water and tea. There is so much rich content in the first 6 chapters alone, so I’m sure this will be both refreshing and challenging for me!!

happy weekend,

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ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. through everything God made, they can clearly see His invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature… ¬∑ Romans 1



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