Oh hey. It’s your favorite Smörgåsblogger, B. and I’m back with another ‘new’ recipe. As you can tell from the title above, I’m finna tell you how to make Cranberry Tuna Dip. Ha. I just plagiarized that entire introduction from Youtube dating coach, Elliott Scott. He amuses me and I’m in a mood, so here we are.

The background story is that I traipsed to Whole Foods on my way to BART from work on Monday afternoon and gathered a few items to ‘tide’ me over until my next actual grocery trip this weekend. But then, by the time I had paid, walked the remaining half -mile to BART, and secured a seat on the train, I realized that I was at that awkward level of hungry where I wasn’t quite hangry, but not about to wait 45 minutes for my golden beets to roast.

Naturally, I had the glorious inclination to pit-stop at Burger King on my way home from the BART. Despite passing it twice a day, I honestly forget that it exists until I want someone else to fix my food in an inexpensive hurry. Which is, of course, the purpose of Burger King. However, there was some sketchy dude standing outside the BK and it suddenly didn’t seem worth the calculation of whether or not he was up to no good, and my body just decided on my behalf to keep it moving… to the Foods Co. approximately 30 feet away. Maybe. I’m really bad at distance estimations in feet…

From Foods Co. I acquired a can of tuna, a lemon, a bag of Wavy potato chips and two Bolthouse Green Veggie juices, BOGO – Hollapraize. In case you’re interested in my potato-chip decision making process, I had already become attached to the ideas of french-fried potatoes by the time I got to BK, didn’t feel like buying field greens for tuna, and felt within myself a need for a texture contrast to the tuna I was finna fix, ya feel?

So anyways, what ended up happening is that I went slightly heavy on the mayo, which rendered my tuna a bit more dip-like that I had anticipated, but delightfully so. Except for the fact that my wavy chips were weak and kept chipping off in the bowl…

Cranberry Tuna Dip!!

one 4-oz can of your preferred tuna brand slash species

one generous dollop of mayo

a dash of pepper + a sprinkle of kosher [or sea] salt

a handful of cranberries

Punfully Yours,

· b


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