Maybe it’s all the rain, but I’ve been binging on Jack Johnson lately ~ the Hawaiian one. Ha. I had entirely forgotten how influential Jack Johnson has been in my musical taste and lifestyle vibes. I first discovered him circa 2005 as a high school sophomore in Raleigh, NC. I think he had recently done a Palooza of some sort or maybe it was because Banana Pancakes had for some reason become everyone’s jam. At any rate, I was sold on him. Over the years, I’ve continued to be comforted by his breezy, philosophical tunes as well as his friends and fellow music makers Zach Gill, Donovan Frankenreiter, Matt Costa [who I used to be absolutely in love with. ha.] and Bahamas.

My hands down favourite song from Jack Johnson is What You Thought You Need. I love Love LOVE that song – the original studio recording on Sleep Through The Static, and the live performance on En Concert. Seriously, if one person on this tumultuous planet  comes to enjoy one song I’ve written as much as I love that song, I would be entirely stoked out of my mind. Ha. Enyhoo, I thought I’d share a short list of my top favorite Jack Johnson tunes for your listening perusal:

Jack Johnson 03 CREDIT Hillary Walsh.jpg


What You Thought You Need duh

Only The Ocean


Losing Keys

Washing Dishes

Never Fade

No Other Way

I Shall Be Released with Eddie Vedder & Zach Gill


happy listening,

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