Growing up in a family of seven, I acquired the blessed skill of Scrounging For Snacks. One of the gifts I am most grateful for in life is the fun, stable, classic 90s childhood I was able to enjoy with humid but air conditioned summer days and random after school snacks like cheese toast or mustard + bologna sandwiches. Bless. I have such fond memories of the first few years of my humble existence on 105 Hillcrest Dr. in Windsor, NC.

This past Wednesday, while working from home and waiting for the landlord to come address the janky pocket of water in our ceiling precisely above the black bucket my sister arranged at the request of our landlord (to protect the hardwoods, of course) I tossed together the following delicacy I will likely never make again in this lifetime. Wasn’t half bad though. Perhaps you will be inspired in your own snack scrounging journey towards zero waste and budget friendly living.


First, you’ll want to preheat your oven. In accordance with the packaging of my leftover, nearly freezer-bitten cornmeal pizza crust from Whole Foods, I heated our oven to 425 degrees; while the oven was preheating I let the pizza crust thaw out. Then I slathered it with a skim coating of butter, and left a few butter smatherings spaced out on the crust for melting while it baked for about 13 minutes. Once the pizza crust had heated (probably could’ve baked for about 2 minutes less), I let it cool off for about 2 minutes, then sliced it in random little sections. This turned out to be an important step because as the crust cooled off, it became super crunchy and brittle ~ there wasn’t any sauce or cheese to keep it somewhat malleable. Lastly, I spread the Nutella.


happy snacking,

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