I used to be Tumblr famous back in the day… as in I had a decent amount of “followers” and had really honed my curating skills such that I was a solid source of ‘reblogs’ for an entire network of tumblr-ers who shared my aesthetic. I suppose you can neither confirm nor deny that tidbit of internet history… Ha. When I was regularly curating, I was also developing an eye for my own aesthetic. I’ve aways really enjoyed photography and documenting the mundane (hence the smörgåsblog), and thought it would be so dope if I not only curated artful, aesthetic content, but created it as well.

The other day, one of the original photos I uploaded to my new, more ‘N’ (as opposed to ‘S’ – MBTI reference) Tumblr page reached 700 ‘notes’, so I took a screenshot and sent it to my brother. Honestly, that’s not a lot by Tumblr standards, but it’s only been like three weeks and 700 qualified as ‘viral’ to me and my brother. Ha.

It’s never the photos I think are super lit that get the most attention. I’ve also received a few  VSCO ‘Honors’ and ‘Distinctions’ over the years and have been equally surprised by which photos have been recognized:

I recently submitted a photo I took at Ocean Beach for inclusion in The Surfer’S Journal. I feel that I have a pretty objective measure for the quality of my work, and I’ve decided I’ll keep submitting until I get at least one photo printed or presented in a surf publication. Hashtag  [internet] goals.


10 responses to “# internet goals”

  1. okay but seriously that picture of the gigantic succulents looks like something straight out of my dreams…one of my fav fav parts of visiting Cali. as always, thanks for sharing your beautiful Cali life with us..

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  2. ooooh! I love the pic of your succulents. I am growing them also, but on a much smaller scale. They are thriving in that spot. Keep on gardening…



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