I feel like the Lord has encouraged me to view discipline as a resource. In so doing, I should be able to abstain from the lap of luxury for at least the next few months. It only takes the gems of focus and regrouping when your Macbook is in need of $500 worth of repairs (according to my friendly suburban Apple Store guy), and when that black Boscia purification mask is all the rage and sold out on the floors of Sephoras, and you contemplate for ten bizarre seconds forking out $68 for an online purchase of the mud puddle of youth…So I thought I’d do a kitchen tour from my temporary apartment share. Mainly because I am in the process of navigating my nesting urges and trying really hard to not spend any money at all…  

The following presentation is unsponsored by Anthropologie or Target, and produced on my unsponsored iPhone 7. Ha.

First up are these glorious rose gold wire baskets from Anthro.

 The long ones run for $22 each and the short ones are $12. Tbh, that’s kind of steep for my pockets at the moment; however, I really need to manage as much chaos as possible, so I can’t have boxes of tea bags constantly falling over in cabinets or fruit in random places. I actually purchased my first basket ages ago, and have wanted to get a few more for a while. They’re just so versatile, practical, and easy on the eyes… an ISTJ’s dream. Like the clear glass bowls I have, I found that items that don’t appear to be fully solid and or laden with heavy colors and wild prints give the illusion of taking up less space. Which is exactly what I need when I don’t have much space to take up. 

I lined my long basket with a floursack towel from target to keep my apples, lemons, and lime from getting sliced or bruised on the wire, but also because it helps it to feel a little less industrial. The utensils featured above were wrapped in this placemat from target for moving’s sake and I just never took it out for similar reasons. 

Food wise, it’s actually been kind of a fun challenge to eat well without cooking much, or spending tons of money. I don’t LOVE cooking anyway – maybe because I’ve always had space and budgetary constraints – so I eat a lot of tuna over field greens, or tuna and seaweed sandwhiches on gluten free bread. I almost always add cranberries to my tuna to spruce it up and because of the ways (dried) cranberries support your body. Haphazardly arranged items include corn tortillas, chocolate covered walnuts, Kind breakfast bars, and gluten free graham crackers. I also just bought some Peppermint Luna Bars which I stored in the fridge. I’m not a fan of eating tons of processed foods or meal replacements but in seasons like these, I find the convenience and simplicity super helpful. Plus the Luna bars are pretty good mineral supplements and have low sugar (8g), solid protein (8g), and decent fiber (4g). 

Since I won’t be baking for the next few months, I have stocked up on my chocolate covered nuts. It’s probably for the best anyway haha. I tend to go through entire batches of nutbutter cookies pretty quickly, but have more restraint with chocolate covered nuts. The healthier choices I opt for are dark chocolate walnuts (Whole Foods has good ones) and dark chocolate covered almonds. My splurge slash cookie replacement treat are these milk chocolate cashews from Target. Bless. 

One of the good things about the Bay Area is the myriad of ‘eating out’ options that are actually really fresh and healthy. I have also recently become a fan of cold-pressed juices, as they have far less sugar and usually little to no additives in comparison to other refrigerated juices and smoothies…

So yah. There’s my kitchen tour and grocery haul. Not featured are the frozen Evol stir-frys in the freezer and the avocados I have yet to buy. 

Happy budget-friendly living.


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