I almost had Listeria this past week. As in, that was my Web MD informed self-diagnosis. I ended up going to Kaiser Permanente for a physical consultation. Turns out I’m fine.


As a precaution, I did receive a classy little biohazardous stool kit to follow up with in the event that I didn’t feel better in the next 48 hours. Thankfully, I do.

Again, I say – Hollapraize.

My memory-informed, self-etiology is that it was probably the goat cheese I got from Ocean Beach…Not that the Ocean Beach goat cheese was, itself, contaminated – though I did see word of a Listera outbreak in California in the same time frame while Googling my conglomeration of symptoms – but more likely, the fact that said goat cheese was purchased at 10AM, and then I ended up traipsing around Market, Fidi, and the Embarcadero with my friend KL until 4, only to ride the train for an hour back to the East Bay.

I started to feel sick that evening after having the goat cheese, but seriously thought it was more likely the raw asparagus because I never eat raw asparagus, and ended up eating more goat cheese the next day!! My logic was that: A] the goat cheese was damn near $7 for the log, and B] people leave cheese out at parties all the time!! Yah. Probs not the same thing, Bek. Enyhoo, I’m healed. Praise Him. I even had the best post-church, Gluten Free pizza of my life this afternoon with Christina at Pieology in Pleasant Hill. And I still feel increasingly on the mend!! Nonetheless, I will probably wait a couple days [or weeks, ha.] before reimplementing this tonic that I got that same day at Ocean Beach. I’ll have to double check what the keep specs are to make sure it doesn’t go bad.

Since my Kaiser Dr. told me that I should lay off of raw foods, I was frustratingly unable to eat the fresh things I bought for groceries as inspired by my Eat Pretty guide, and decided to make those 2-ingredient banana pancakes that are all the rage on the internets.

As aforementioned, I’m not the best pancake maker even when flour is involved, but I figured I’d give these another go. As we used to say growing up: it was good for what it was, but it won’t all that. ha.

In hindsight, this kind of mashed up banana and egg concoction may or may not be just the sort of thing to induce more irritable bowel symptoms. But that’s neither here nor there. In other, less gross news, I’ve been eating this healthier alternative cocoa hazelnut spread on my GF graham crackers and it’s not too shabby. Does get a bit oily, but nothing a quick stir can’t reverse. I chose a forkful for my pancake topping.

I also took it upon myself to repot and relocate Sydney The Succulent. I found a sweet, super light and drainable pot at Target for only $4!! And actually paid attention to where the natural light falls in the apartment. Sydney was doing well before the changes, but now she’s acquired even more new shoots, so that’s pretty exciting.

Happy Spring!!

. . . & &

OH. PS – my laptop miraculously resurrected!! Hence the double-paned photos and center aligned text. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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  1. okay this had me laughing, but on the real PTL for NOT having listeria and that your laptop came back to life….nobody got time for broken technology.

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