The other day I was blessed with what was perhaps the most successful ‘essentials’ grocery trip I have ever undertaken. For a grand total of $35, I was able to purchase:

GF bagels  +  1/2 dozen eggs
limes  +  lemons  +  avocados
walnuts  +  chocolate chips
two of my favorite snack bars  +  plaintain chips

AND all the necessary ingredients for my one-dish Cali Food endeavor [minus the tortillas because I already had those]:

red  onion
green  pepper
pre – blessed  lentils
1  can  of  black  beans
taco  seasoning

Hashtag, Super Market Sweep, am I right?? Ha.

My idea was to see if they had pre-blessed (aka ready to eat) quinoa as a ground beef substitute for this Mexican inspired warm salad cause that’s my jam. I didn’t come across any cooked quinoa, but they did have pre-blessed, unflavored lentils!! Hollapraize. So this meal was super easy to make and just as easy to clean. I literally used like two dishes, one pan, and three untensils.

As much as I would have enjoyed sour cream, I opted to allow the guac some prime time to shine so as not to have more dairy in my day. I’d already had a double mocha with a spritz of hazelnut syrup that morning before Pre-Ballet. God bless baristas.

And this will last me basically last me 3-4 days!! You could also freeze it if you’re into that.

God is great, God is good; let us thank Him for our fud.

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