So I’ve decided that I seriously and for-real need to stop drinking espresso + sugar + dairy. I had significantly reduced my intake this month so far, but each time that I have had a mocha it’s rocked me pretty hard the next day. Not that I have any true frame of reference for comparison, but I felt damn near hungover. My adrenals are frustrated with me and I need to pay attention to them for longer that two weeks at a time. This morning I dramatically thought about texting my family to jokingly ask them to be my accountability partners in the whole ordeal… then I realized that not spending money on sugar + caffeine that makes me feel terrible 12 hours later (no matter how well crafted) can’t be harder than breaking up with boys. So then I was like, psh. I GOT THIS. So today, when I finally had the chance to check out this chill new cafe on the Northside of Cal, I ordered a smoothie. #goals #nomoremochas


happy weekend.

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