Yesterday I got to accompany my adventure buddy KL to Monterey and Asilomar State Beach for a gig she had playing harp at a wedding. The traffic on the drive down was super light, and Monterey was grey and broody for a bit before the gloom gave way for good.


While KL was at the wedding, I spent some time exploring on the beach. I couldn’t get over how remote it felt, or how clear the water was. Asilomar quickly became a new favorite patch of the west coast.

Recently, I’ve become convinced that the more attention I pay to nature – the more easily and frequently I allow myself to be amazed by creation – the more God orchestrates it to show off and delight me. Not to say that the weather gets changed at my attention or command, but I am more deeply aware of my ability to perceive its beauty. I sense an increased movement in the natural¬†life that surrounds us; I see it actively declaring the glory of God.

I’ve noticed this specifically with neighborhood butterflies and bright blue dragonflies and stoic-looking sea birds. There are have been numerous times that I’ve finally gotten still – being still as a spiritual practice to know that He is God – and suddenly the earth comes alive with more vibrancy and richer dynamics. Whole flocks come dancing across the landscape chasing fleeting clouds that part and scatter to reveal the sky. Water, in turn, becomes bluer: reflecting – we suppose – the sky that it mirrors.

Birds perch photogenically atop mission-style roof tiles and statutes while I frame them to my heart’s satisfaction, and long enough for me to stare with contact-corrected eyes once my camera lens gets quiet.

And satisfied is precisely the state of my soul these days. Satisfied with having lived here for five years, and satisfied with leaving. Satisfied each morning with God’s unfailing love.

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Satisfy is us the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. · Psalm 90:14

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