Back in the day, I used to do ‘Weekend Real Estate’ listing posts. Since I’ve had the glorious opportunity to binge watch Fixer Upper over the past few weeks, I’ve been re-inspired to dream about the future spaces I’d like to bring life to and dwell in. Today’s post features an awesome beach property in Surf City, NC [yes – a real place I didn’t know existed until recently]. The interior could use a bit of updating to be super fabulous, but the views and exterior are definitely blessed.

4 bed · 3 baths · 1,610 sq · $699k



photos c/o

The house that initially sparked my notion to post more Carolina real estate was a home in Holly Ridge, NC. Then I realized that all the photos I like had a ‘similar photo’ disclaimer which seemed like kind of a whomp. But it’s such a fresh presentation I’ve decided to just go with it – watermark disclaimers and all:

4 bed · 3 bath · 2,530 sq · $400k


Photos c/o

sweet dreams!

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