I am purposing – again – to be gentle. I suppose by this time of year, I have heard enough of my reiterated conclusions. I call them conclusions because it’s slightly stronger a concept than mere opinion. These thoughts I settle on as right and best and true have been – for the most part – vetted. And typically, of present importance. They are not opinions on who wore it best or what some public figure should or shouldn’t have named her baby, whether she should have had a baby at all. They are conclusions about church planting and courtship and hindrances to workplace efficiency. Still, as of late, they have been loud.¬†

My mind has been sorting through reasons for things, constantly making decisions. Talking out loud. 

Not quite as quick to listen; a little too fast to speak; too soon to get angry. 

But I am learning and there is growth.¬†In the past 24 hours alone, I have seen the difference that gentleness makes; the way it diffuses and reclassifies an interaction. Gentleness is not just a social courtesy or ideal, it’s a fruit of the Spirit of God. It’s God’s likeness and character at work in the earth, and I want more of that in my life; I want to be more of that.

In Jesus, I have the power to be constantly at peace, to always be settled and gracious and gentle. To not live from crisis to emergency and back again, reacting. In Jesus, I have the power to rest. The power to sit quiet and let my exploding-firework-pride-infused conclusions tire out and fall into a heap of exhaustion while I am slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to get angry.

Humble. Teachable. Gentle. 

. . . & & 


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