Now that I have state-of-the-art cup holders in my new Sube, I have the glorious convenience of being able to craft and carry-out my own beverages. I’ve been really into Chai for the past few weeks and noticed that the baristas at Java Beach in the Talley Student Union were essentially just foaming milk together with something being poured from a carton.

Then I traipsed over to the pristine new (‘City’) Target on Hillsborough and stumbled upon this carton of TAZO Chai for only $2.49!! Needless to say, I have become my own barista. You basically just combine equal parts latte + milk … or whatever the heck you want because your Chai is in your hands!! I like to add a splash of Vanilla Extract just to feel like I’m doing something. Ha.

This dynamic duo came in particularly clutch this Saturday morning because I have determined in my heart not to leave the house today unless I have to. The projected high is 35 degrees with on and off winter-mix precipitation. Rather than complain about the climate I became un-used to, I have decided to remind myself that God keeps me warm in the winter… kind of like how I’ve been consuming less sugar by reminding myself that God is the Sweetness in my life. Amen.

happy weekend, friends!

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