sometimes I post three times before thursday.

Here’s a pic of me being radiant over the goodness of God:

This is the face of an adolescent who got picked on for not dressing well enough and being a loner. A teenager who spent most of high school feeling hollow and struggling with anxiety and body image issues. A college student who felt largely invisible in all the churches and christian groups she tried so hard to serve. A woman who watched her mother suffer years of a difficult marriage and financial hardship, and then waste away from cancer. A woman who fell in love with a man who didn’t fall far enough in love with her. A woman who’s dreams have been dashed and redrafted and deferred. A woman who craved safety, but learned courage instead.

This is one of those photographs I post in six different places because sometimes I forget that I am this imperishably beautiful.

My smile might be selfie-staged, but the joy is real. The light in my eyes is Christ in me, my Hope of glory. Bless.

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