Earlier this year I heard someone preach about God’s Words and Thoughts, and how we are created in His image as speaking spirits … we have the ability to affect our spheres of influence with the words that come out of our mouths.

The preacher I was listening to always has a truckload of scripture references in his teachings, and I find that really helpful. I wrote before about a shift in my mindset and deciding to actually believe that the best is yet to come. This year, I feel I have stumbled upon the next step along that path, which is to replace my cynical and snarky remarks with words of life and truth and freedom and goodness.

I know people feel types of ways about these things, but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t seen a significant and tremendous difference in the quality of my life and the condition of my soul by verbally reminding myself of encouraging things. Things that are pure and lovely and deserving of praise. True Things. So rather than continue to hoard all this goodness to myself, I thought I’d share here.

I’m not finna tell you how to live your life, but I will say that if two things are both true – I don’t feel like standing in the cold and scraping the frost off my car AND I have a car to scrape the frost off of and drive to a job I don’t actually hate – why not choose to focus on the most lovely of the two true things? You can only really focus on one at a time, so you might as well decide on the lovelier option.

It seems that in recent years, our society has started to equate authenticity with negativity. If you’re positive and your Instagram posts are pretty and you choose to share your blessings and accomplishments, you’re fake. Being ‘real’ means making sure you tell everyone when your eyebrows turn out like trash and you had to wipe them off and start over, or never not mentioning the 75% off sale that afforded you that pretty new item. I’m well aware of the fact that some people do try to present an unbalanced presentation of their lives in a way that is boastful, dishonest, and unhealthy; but at the end of the day it’s really up to us who we choose to give our time and energy and attention to anyway, and it’s not up to us to judge the motivations of other people we decide to keep up with on the internet. Amirigh??

It bothers me when people try to shame other people for celebrating and embracing what is good in their lives and in alignment with God’s design and purposes just because it’s not a universal experience. The good news is, it can be! God desires for all people everywhere to know Him and look to Him to have their desires fulfilled and their needs met.

Following is not a comprehensive list of the True Things I have chosen to focus on in the past few months, but just a few key phrases with verses to ground them.

So be encouraged, friends. The best is yet to come.

. . . & &

I am satisfied each morning and all day by God’s good, unfailing Love. Psalm 90

The Lord guides me continually and satisfies my desires in scorched places.
Every moment God is watering me. Isaiah 58:11, 27:3

I pay focused attention to my own work and have the satisfaction of a job well done. I have no need and no desire to compare myself to anyone else or compete for anyone’s attention. Galatians 6

I am not afraid of bad news. My heart is firm, trusting in the Lord. Psalm 112

I trust my life to the God who created me, for He will never fail me. 1 Peter 4:19

My life is full of light and joy. Proverbs 13:9


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