Once upon a time, I tried to start a Collective. My people humored me, and not much came of it but dreaming. I have always wanted a tribe of folks to make music with, and from the outset I fell in love with the idea of countlessness – of making these songs with those people because they get the vibe, or this song with that person because the gravel in his voice gets the job done. And maybe we’d never collaborate on another song again, but forever, they’d be a part of the ever-growing collective… The Ritual Collective. That was the name I came up with, and I still think it’s lit.

Part of what I hoped for in a tribe was a blanket and a cover and a shelter and a shield. Something thick between me and the world for when I inevitably failed, wasn’t good enough, revealed my imperfection. I didn’t want just me moving through life and I didn’t want just me on a stage with my unconventional strum patterns and my vulnerable voice that some people find too airy.

But my Maker is my shield and my shelter (Isaiah 54:5); my blanket and my cover; my something thick between me and the world. And so, Rebekkah The Band … while I haven’t  yet found the male harmony to the duets I’ve written; while it’s just me and the people who make time for me in good faith and fun.

I am immeasurably grateful to my Uncle Steve for working with me to record and mix this track, and to my cousin Nia for lending her vocal abilities on the escalated portions of the song, and to my Aunt Chrissy for continually championing me and encouraging me towards great and sometimes uncomfortable things, and to my cousin Jasmine for her shenanigans and support and general stoke for life.

The ironic thing about this new name I’ve chosen – the one I feel sure is the One that will stick – is the very fact that God has had to bridle me into submission to get started solo … without six other people and their instruments to fill the space of my deficiencies. And I’m excited. Expectant. Hopeful.

This Night is a Christmas song I wrote three Decembers ago in California. The inspiration for the song came from a few passages of scripture that are well-known and long-associated with celebration of Jesus’ arrival on earth as a baby through His virgin mother’s womb.

Essentially, I sought to capture the intrigue of timelessness that presents itself in the moment of Jesus being born – fulfilling long-awaited prophecies and promises, with still much left to accomplish. The pre-chorus is comprised of quotes from Luke 1 and Matthew 11:6 – Mary’s song of praise that echos Hannah’s in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ message to His cousin John years later after John had been imprisoned.

The bridge (if you will) is the ‘Selah’ of the song. It’s designed to spend time with This Thing That Has Happened, as the shepherd’s say in the second chapter of Luke.

So yah. You are most definitely encouraged so soak up all the rich goodness in the inspired and inspiring passages of scripture – Luke 1,2,7 · Matthew 11 · Isaiah 53-55. You’re also invited to download my hot new track fo’ free here.

Happy Listening,

. . . & & | Rebekkah The Band

“for God is the artist and we are His masterpiece. We must allow Him to paint our life the way He intended it to be.”  (via tumblr)


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