I am a huge fan of planned spontaneity. I like when my adventure comes with a loosely outlined itinerary: departure time, lunch location, back home in my bed ETA. Ergo, I had planned to drive out to Wrightsville this past Saturday ~ on a non-holiday when I could reasonably expect Things To Be Open, and logically suppose that folks would be in-between traveling (and therefore, out of my way). I’m the type of person who likes to have the whole world to herself, which undoubtedly contributes to me also being an early bird.

Unfortunately, I came down with some dastardly gastrointestinal attack on Friday morning, and thought it wise to reschedule my ocean excursion . . . for New Year’s Day. Bless.

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I spent the month of December reading through Philippians and God showed me something I hadn’t seen before. I’d always perceived Philippians to be primarily focused on Joy. But as I read through it for the countleth time, I saw¬†confidence. Confidence in God through faith in Jesus. Confidence that God will finish in us what He begins; confidence that it’s God who began the work. Confidence to speak boldly and live unafraid. Confidence that He will make His name known and respected; confidence that He hears and cares and answers our requests. And from that confidence flow joy and peace in believing, humility and affection for each other, expectation, and hope.¬†And confidence to drive two hours eastward on the very first day of a brand new year – as wild as I say I want to be with a full year of bests yet to come.

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The more freely I give myself to getting to know who God is and how // how much He loves me, the more I shift my confidence onto the rock of His certainty and away from my responsible, highly managed arrangements, the brand name of the car I drive, and the day I choose to traipse.

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Happy-happy New Year, friends! May the Lord bless and keep us. May He cause His face to shine upon us, and be gracious to us and give us peace.

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