Not too long ago, I shared a post entitled 17 reasons why you shouldn’t brand your self. I still agree with all of my reasons.

AND I hold an enduring affinity for swag.

On the reocurrence of a whim, I decided to design some Folkbird merch for myself . . . to get my feet wet and dream a little bit . . .


I also have an enduring affinity for brown paper parchment, stationary, logos, and the United States Postal Service. I’m starting to see the ways this can all meld together . . .

In other news, I drove through a drive thru for the very first time this morning!! I woke up bright and early to go sit and stare and sip at a new local coffee shop that allegedly opened at 7AM only to discover that it didn’t. After sitting in my car from 7:28 – 7:31 AM, I ended up cruising over to the other side of the shopping center thinking there was a grocery store.

There wasn’t. There was a Walmart, but I wasn’t about to start my day like that, and I happened to see from my peripheral a Burger King gleaming under cloud-cover.

I took a few half-committed photos for documentation, ‘content’, and posterity, and ordered a pre-mocha snack. Bless.


I’m pretty sure the woman at the drive thru had no idea I was a noob.

As a cautionary tale, this is what happens when you don’t commit to your selfie and it instantly turns into a meme:

meme face selfie syndrome

. . . & & | snd help.


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