I am for sure a curated playlist kind of girl.

But listening to music is one of the ‘same things’ I’ve started doing differently.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been paying attention to The Common Good by Edge Kingsland.


I’ve known about this album since it first came out a couple of years ago, and there are certain songs that I’ve included in all my dozens and dozens of playlists. But lately, I’ve been taking the time to listen to it . . . for themes and artistic elements and how the songs are ordered.

When you lead worship – and especially when you lead worship with other people – your ears are not your own. Some of the time I would otherwise spend studying or being entertained by music, I spend learning and preparing the songs that have been selected for the week. Slowing down to work through albums feels a little bit the same way . . . it’s discipline alongside the enjoyment. I’m hoping that learning to listen this way will help me with focus and de-fragmentation.

There are two upcoming albums that I’m particularly stoked about getting to that will be released in March and April – Critical As Water by Jeremy Loops* and There is More by Hillsong Worship. Apparently, Brooke (Fraser) Ligertwood has a new leadership role with Hillsong’s creative teams, so I’m excited to see what they’ve come up with so far!

. . . & & | happy listening.

*not suggesting this album as a source for church music.


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