Inspired by Chip & Joanna’s tradition of naming properties, I have affectionately dubbed my apartment the turf shack. Not at all because I consider it a shack, but to denote the eclectic, beach-vibe aesthetic typically referred to as ‘surf shack’. (Since I’m two and a half hours inland, I went with turf shack to amuse myself.)

Enyhoo, I finally got around to assembling my second piece of Walmart furniture and ended up swapping out the coffee table I had in my bedroom for the main living space. The console table assembly was not entirely successful . . . the bottom portion is actually supposed to be suspended as a second shelf, but I either put the side pieces together on incorrectly, or it was – as Uncle Si would say – defective. Regardless, I used the shelf to stabilize the console table legs, and it works for what I need it to do.

I’m still planning to get an epic mirror of sorts for my bedroom for the empty space to the left of my mini gallery // jewelry wall.

The larger print is a map of the Bay Area that my big sister from another mister gave me as a going away present. I believe I found that white frame at Target for less than $5. To the right of that is an image of John John Florence that I cut out of one of my Surfer’s Journals. I scored the 4×6 frame he lives in for $1 from the Dollar Tree.

The sea shells print is actually a greeting card that was given to me by a co-worker at the Ballet studio before I moved back east. I had framed it while I was still in CA. I think I got that frame from Daiso on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley.

In a previous apartment I shared with my sister, I had the idea to store my jewelry on the wall using command hooks, and I really liked it so I did it again here.

I found that pineapple canvas at TJ Maxx (or Ross?). After walking around with it for a while, putting it back in it’s isle, then booking it over to see if it was there before I checked-out, I determined that it was a necessity for my apartment. You can’t really see what it says in that photo, but it’s a cute little reminder:

be a pineapple –

stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet.

What is now the living space coffee-table was initially the table I had in my bedroom. I got it from Walmart for $15 and put it together in all of 5 minutes. Bless.

After six years of being rolled up in a postal tube, my college degree has finally been framed!! I snagged this wood frame from Walmart for $8, and forced my degree into it. Ha. There’s definitely some extra paper hanging out of the frame, which I’m pretty sure means there are some tears, but I figure it’s better than being rolled up indefinitely. Plus, this was the second frame I had attempted to buy and I was kind of over it. Ha.

Adorning the table alongside my degree are a few shnazzy items of memorabilia from the seasons of my life. Under the table is a canvas bag I got from the Container Store in California, and a stack of Surfer’s Journals.

The frame I initially ordered for my college degree is now in my kitchen. I’m planning to use it as a grocery // list board with some to-be-purchased dry erase markers.

The markers will live in this porcelain ‘hanging’ air-plant pot my Sensei gave my one merde. I heart finding creative functions for things.

Lastly, I wanted to highlight my epic wooden guitar stands. Similarly to framing my college degree, I’ve been wanting to unpack my guitars for a good, long while. They’ve typically lived in their cases in corners and closets and under beds, but now I get to see them perched upright every time I walk in the door! Bless.

These guitar stands are comprised of two y-shaped wooden pieces that lock together to form a sturdy, streamlined fulcrum. I realized later that this is the same brand that I got my electric tuner from, and I recommend them. I’ve had my tuner for about two years now, and I’m super stoked on my guitar stands.

I’m very much looking forward to continually nesting my turf shack. On my wish-list are tropical trees from Walmart (they’re so inexpensive!!), more succulents, and a few more furniture staples. I believe I have a hammock my brother gave me in storage somewhere, so my plan is to assemble that and put in my second bedroom. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

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4 responses to “welcome to the turf shack!”

  1. looking sooo great!! cannot wait to visit! I’ve been meaning to frame my diploma forrrrever and haven’t yet, you’re inspiring me, g and I say the tube with our diplomas rolled up inside is the most valuable thing we own 😉



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