• There is so much gunk and stuff down here to wade through. I’m overwhelmed sometimes at the business of becoming someone who has never been before.
  • The longer I live far away from California, the more I realize how much of my music feels deeply steeped in places. Like the window seat of a Muni and Aqua Surf Shop and Safeway. I am someone who lives through my dailies with an ever-evolving soundtrack.
  • Now that my commute consists of winding up and down NC-97, I’m rediscovering my country music collection. As the youths say, I curated some ‘bangers’ back in the day (if I do say so myself . . .)
  • I was unexpectedly inspired by a conference I attended with my colleagues a couple of Fridays ago. Although I have very little interest in making a career in this field, I did walk away realizing how much more intentional I can be with the things I am passionate about and feel called to.
  • So then I called a local recording studio and scheduled a free tour and consultation. Now I at least know what kind of numbers we’re talking, and that I should start playing to a metronome . . .
  • Lately I’ve been very encouraged by the fact that God is working all things together for my good. I’m excited by the dreams He’s resurrected in my heart . . . I’m challenged to focus more on the truth of His goodness, and to walk by faith in areas I’ve been passive about.
  • This past weekend I totally butchered a song while leading worship . . . I had a pretty good laugh over it, but hopefully that doesn’t happen again anytime soon. It made me all the more convicted to quit saying I’d rather not do the thing God has called me to do . . .
  • I think it’s helpful to be honest about those things, but really how many times does it need to be said?
  • I’m glad that God is gracious and gives more grace to me.
  • Yesterday was the first day of Spring!!
  • This morning it snowed big, fat, fluffy flakes.
  • I’m itching to get down to the whole wide ocean.
  • I’m finding new rhythms for the life I have now and where I am in this season.
  • I miss wearing ripped denim and my HE>i camper hat to work.
  • I think I need a coffee shop date with the Lord to process from a different angle the past few years of my life and all the many things I have to look forward to in the future . . .
  • Like a good, good-looking husband and babies. Ha.
  • Eating less sugar has been going really well, but I think I actually don’t have enough healthy fats in my diet.
  • I’m deciding whether or not I want to do an inaugural nutbutter cookie bake in my apartment next weekend.
  • It just occurred to me that I could always bring some to share at work // church and then I could have the comfort of baking and the satisfied craving and also bless other people and not overdo my sugar intake.
  • I’m glad we had this talk.

. . . & & | Christos Anesti.

3 responses to “m a r c h”

  1. yes to good looking husband, yes to inaugural nutbutter cookie baking, and yes to less sugar (I’ve been trying that too).

    …and I’ve tried the bake & share method but unfortunately during the sharing part I get greedy & usually come straight home to bake another batch that I can stuff myself with….whoops.



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