in which God works things together for my good.

Once upon my senior year of college, I asked my brother for a hammock as my birthday gift. Being the generous and humoring big brother that he is, I would send him wishlists for whatsoever occasion I desired, and he would not only entertain my shenanigan, but bless me with the things I wanted. So, for this particular birthday, I requested an Eno hammock, and sent him a link from which to order it.

I was so stoked to be getting a hammock because all the cool kids had them at UNC and would hang around the arboretum studying and taking naps on Sunday afternoons. Finally, I got that blessed residential notification of a package at Morrison Package Center.

I traipsed over with my keys and my OneCard, expecting to have a small little Eno-containg package. The primary appeal of an Eno is the compact nature of the hammock when it folds into it’s little pouch.

My brother – despite the carefully curated link I sent him – had bought me a yard hammock with steel poles. When the guy pulled the box out at the package center I was stunned for a few moments before laughing my way home wheeling this seemingly enormous box behind me on a dolly. Lolz.

When I moved to California, I stashed the hammock along with most of the rest of my earthly belongings in the storage unit that my aunt and I share (that she pays for) and just sort of lived through the messiness of transition until California took root in my heart and became somewhere I thought I would never leave (unless it was to become an expat below the equator).

Storage units have always been associated with less than favorable circumstances for me, so I had to encourage myself in the Lord to not dread braving this one to investigate the status of my belongings. In my mind, the hammock I was going to retrieve was in an enormous box that just-turned-twenty-two-year-old-Bekkah could hardly manage to get back to Rams Head from the package center.

Once I pulled up to and unlocked the unit, the hammock was the fore-most object in the storage unit, and the box that contained it was much smaller than the story in my memory had made them . . . which could probably serve as some sort of metaphor or sermon illustration . . .

For now, though, it’s a tangible reminder that though God is only ever good, and does not inflict on me the troubles that happen in the earth as it groans beneath a broken curse, He is willing and able to work all things together for my good.

It’s not His will for any of us to perish in any way. It wasn’t His perfect will for my mother to die young, for me to be damn near destitute when I graduated from college, or for my aunt and I to have such transient circumstances as to warrant a Storage Unit; but in His grandeur and time-unbound wisdom and grace, He has orchestrated for me to enjoy the hammock that was gifted to me by my generous and humoring older brother who is, himself, a gift from God.

I’ve been dreaming of an in-door hammock for years, so it’s fun to finally get to lounge around in one.

For since the world began, no ear has heard and no eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for Him!

. . . & & | Isaiah 64:4

One response to “in which God works things together for my good.”

  1. I love he hammock!!! and the story behind it…I don’t know if i ever heard that. for what it’s worth, my tiny little compact eno is stashed somewhere growing mold and hasn’t been used in at least 5 years…now to convince G tonlet me put a hammock somewhere in our house…

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