So I sprang for the goods to necessitate an inaugural nut butter cookie bake in my apartment. To accompany the 6oz of almond butter I already had in my cabinet from my aunt & uncle’s housewarming laundry basket gift, I purchased a $4 baking pan and the remaining four ingredients of my go-to recipe.

What ended up happening is that the consistency and quantity of almond butter at my disposal lent itself to this very happy cookie-glob concoction I am now referring to as glookie bark.


Six ounces was actually a guestimation of how much almond butter was left in the container after eyeballing it for a smooth three seconds. It could actually be anywhere from 5-6 ounces, or 3/4 c. For the sake of this recipe, I’ll go with the ounces as a measurement. Also to be noted is the consistency of this brand of nut butter (I think it was from Aldi if you’re interested).


What made this glookie bark a fresh departure from my usually nut butter cookie yield is that the texture was a lot softer // cakier than usual because the nut butter itself was more oily // runny than Justin’s.

What made it miraculous is that it was edible, tasted good, and didn’t burn. Bless. It looked entirely undone even after 18 minutes of baking, but thanks to my God-given baker’s intuition, I felt led to stick a fork in it which came out clean.

What made it bark is that I don’t have a spatula or pizza cutter, so I basically just hacked at it with a spoon. Ha.

miraculous (almond butter) glookie bark

6 (or so) oz of oily almond butter + 4 oz brown sugar

2 eggs + about a tsp of almond extract + one 60% cocoa baking bar broken into bits

bake for about 18 minutes on 350¬įF

. . . & &

2 responses to “miraculous glookie bark”

  1. well those look amazing. Saw a recipe for a paleo skillet cookie the other day and thought of you. I only had like half the ingredients but this is inspiring me to try anyways.



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