Evidently, I learn quite a bit through contrast . . .  “compare and contrast” as it was presented to me as a public elementary school  student in the south . . .

What I’ve been considering lately is that my life seems a lot less photogenic than it used to be. Sometimes I look through photos of the glorious, sun-drenched west coast sky; or even the grayest of foggy days at Ocean Beach; the well-crafted mochas I could only half afford; and the smiles that became some of the deepest relational comforts in my life. And when I see them – the sky and the ocean and the caffeine and the smiles – my heart is overwhelmingly persuaded that the best is yet to come.

All this beauty and goodness I’ve already lived through and the best is yet to come. Selah.

. . . & & | Alithos Anesti


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