scrounging for snacks: freezer fries + homemade honey mustard

Hey yall. Today’s scrounge is a super simple snack that can be easily adapted to your preferences and pantry. If you don’t have any frozen fries, but happen to have a potato, I’m sure you could find a way to use that instead.

My (unsponsored) go-to frozen french fries are the Target Market Pantry shoe-string situation. In my neighborhood, they go for only $1.49 per bag before tax. In a normal season of life, I don’t tend to buy them very often, but have found myself picking up a bag or two more frequently to have a little more food on hand.

I like crispy fries, which is why I go with shoe string, and cook them on the longer end of the time range. In my kitchen, I found that if I stick them in the oven on the top rack as it preheats, they are typically crisped to perfection in 18-20 minutes. I’m also only cooking for one, so I have a single, pretty spread out layer.

Once the fries are done, I will grind a generous helping of coarse sea salt over them, a little bit of paprika (more for color than anything else) and give the pan a good shake. Now for the homemade honey mustard sauce!


I honestly haven’t measured any quantities for this, but rather eyeball ratios based on how much sauce I’d like to have, the base ingredient being regular yellow mustard. To the generously squeezed out dollop of mustard I add:

roughly a tablespoon of honey + paprika + dash of chili powder

Again, it really just depends on your preference, and which spices you have on hand. I am a novice when it comes to flavors and spices, so I can’t really confidently suggest alternatives. If nothing else, just leave the spices out and you still technically have honey-mustard.

I couldn’t find a picture of the actual honey mustard sauce, though I’m pretty sure I sent one to the sibling group chat when I first scrounged up this snack.

Alright guys! Happy Snacking!

. . . & & // take heart.

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