YALL. When I tell you this hit . . .

It started out with me re-browsing through Shauna Niequist’s recipied memoir, Bread & Wine, which I won from Blaine Hogan’s blog giveaway years ago and read, but never cooked from. I was looking for a relatively simple recipe I would feasibly make within the context of my most recent grocery trip, and settled on goat cheese biscuits because goat cheese. Bless.

Once upon a brilliant idea, I started using goat cheese as a cream cheese substitute on gluten-free bagels and have since branched out to incorporate its goodness into my life in other ways. There was that one time that I ate goat cheese from Ocean Beach after having had it out for six hours in the San Franciscan sun and was almost sure that I had contracted Listeria, but praise be to God my intestines have recovered and my body no longer rejects it {which happened for a while}.

ENYHOO. I opted for garlic + herb goat cheese from my friendly unsponsored neighborhood Lidl {that’s actually 20 miles away in the town I have grand plans to live in}, and shaved parmesan. The recipe calls for grated parmesan to be sprinkled on the biscuits after they’ve been retrieved from the oven; but I opted to fold the parmesan in the dough before baking and I have #noragrets.

I ended up baking the biscuits for 19 minutes on 425. During which time I also baked up a couple filets of salmon seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika {mostly for color}, and an herb seasoning mix.

Something about the elevated simplicity of this meal and the sophisticated flavoring struck me as Northeasterny breakfast for dinner . . . despite the fact that this salmon is from Alaska. ha. I don’t make sweet tea nearly as much as I used to, but these biscuits and salmon are begging to be paired with a contrasting glass of home-brewed sweet iced tea . . . and maybe some kale.

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