scrounging for snacks: it be like that sometimes

I come from a musical family in which participation in the arts was a non-negotiable. We were given the freedom to choose our instruments, and opt for chorus, dance, etc., but a musical extracurricular was required. With five children in the public school system, that meant lots of recitals and plays and band concerts. A tradition we had was to celebrate with ice cream once we got home. Sometimes that entailed a precursory trip to the grocery store to select ice cream flavors and often some kind of cookie to go with it. I’m pretty sure that I appreciated the simplicity and coziness of celebratory ice cream at home even as a child.

These scrounges are regional honorary mentions. Depending on where you live, you’ll obviously have different options and accessibility, but hopefully you’ll be inspired to think of creative ways to celebrate accomplishments on a budget, or give yourself a break from preparing a meal. They’re also good suggestions for meeting up with folks without spending a lot.

Little Ceasar’s Classic Large pizza: $5.41 (tax included).

Chick-Fil-A Kale Salad + Cookie: <$5

I like the kale side salad at Chick-Fil-A for its nutritional value. Plus also, it hits. In much the same way that a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store can lighten the load of adulting, stopping by a drive-thru for something simple to add to what you’ve got at home can be a great way to do less, God bless. Ha. Same goes for wanting a fresh chocolate chip cookie without having to bake a batch.

When my album was released on spotify this past June, Jesus and I drove through Chick-Fil-A for a celebratory chocolate chip cookie which I proceeded to heat up once I got home.

Zaxby’s Cookies: 1 for $.69, 3 for $1.49

As a chocolate chip cookie enthusiast who is {clearly} no longer avoiding gluten with quite the same fervor as I once was, I appreciate a good scoot through cookie.

Bojangle’s Egg + Cheese Biscuit: $1.99

The caboose of this gluten train is the scrumptious egg + cheese biscuit from Bojangles with grape jelly. I prefer this to the bacon, egg, and cheese because it’s cheaper {and it’s just been like that sometimes}, and also because I like to keep nutrition in mind, even for scrounges. I can appreciate the fats and protein of an egg + cheese combo and believe for my body to make the best use of it that it possibly can . . .

that being said, Bojo’s also offers a two sausage biscuit situation for around the same price, which is probably even better value for people with a bigger appetite, but it seems like a lot of pork to me. Ha.

Anyways, hope these are helpful ideas for my fellow Southerners! Maybe just don’t eat it all on the same day . . .

Prices and participation may vary.

. . . & & // happy snacking.


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