simple kale + roasted potato soup

what you need

two bushels of kale + one small lime

one dozen small red potatoes + one medium russet potato

32 oz beef broth + 8 oz water + olive oil

garlic powder + sea salt + lemon pepper seasoning

what you do

start by oven-roasting cleaned, chopped, lightly oiled potatoes on 375°F for 45 minutes.

as potatoes are roasting, sauté seasonings on medium-high heat in large stock pot with olive oil and a splash of water. you want to use enough oil that as it thins due to the heat, it begins to fully cover the bottom of the pot. it’s better to add more if needed than over do it at the outset.

i tend to play russian roulette by washing my kale and tossing it bundle by bundle into the stock pot to sauté down, but you could certainly approach this with prepped and pre-blessed kale.

either way, the kale should cook a bit before the broth and water get added. i achieve this by turning the heat down and covering the stock pot to rely on steam after the brief sauté.

you don’t want to wilt the kale – most of it should remain bright green, but you do want to see a texture change.

after about ten to seventeen minutes, add broth, water, and the juice + pulp of the lime. let the soup simmer on low until potatoes are roasted.

once the potatoes are done . . .

bowl the soup, top with potatoes and season to taste.

I was surprised to discover that beef broth + lime juice hits all on its own. I may introduce it as a savory beverage for my autumn and winter rotation . . . & & // salud.

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