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  1. This tag is for any follower of Jesus who wants to do it. If you love Jesus and are a “Whosoever”, you are tagged.

2. Link the original post (The Whosoever Tag) and give credit to the creator of this tag (Purple Rose) https://reluctantpreachersdaughter.wordpress.com

3. Answer the 10 original questions asked by Purple Rose

4. Share the link to at least one Christian blog post or blogger you love (you may share as many blog posts or bloggers as you like).

She hasn’t blogged much in recent years, but my answer to this question is still Stacy Bostrom. Her photos are a foretaste of Heaven to me, and I still find myself checking in ever so often to see if she’s posted refreshing, bright, photos of the way things were meant to be.

5. Use the original tag image as the FEATURED image on your post:

I came across this tag from Sheree at View from the Back a few weeks ago. It’s been quite a while since I’ve participated in a blog tag {and I wasn’t formally nominated}, but this one really appealed to me . . .

ten tag questions

1 – How old were you when you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?

I was just thinking about this the other day because I came across a reddit post of a seventeen year old guy who was having relationship troubles, and was encouraging him to pursue a relationship with Jesus. {sometimes I troll reddit with good advice, ha.} Although I grew up in a Christian home, and spent many, many hours in church; it wasn’t until I was seventeen that I understood that I could not ever in my own strength be clean enough to stand in the presence of my Creator. Joyfully, I accepted King Jesus as my Lord and Savior and have only fallen more deeply in love.

2 – How many times have you been baptized?

I was baptized around age 11 because everyone else in my youth group was doing it, ha. And because I thought it was the Right thing to do and would put me in good graces with God. Once I fell in love with Jesus at 17, I was baptized because I had died to my self and my life was hidden with Him {Colossians 3:3}. It was so much more than a ritual the second time around . . . I had been raised to new life in Christ {also Colossians 3}.

3- What Bible story or verse puzzles you most?

Genesis 6:1-8 is pretty wild . . . and in recent years, I’ve been fascinated by the instances in Genesis where the Bible says the Lord ‘came down to see’ certain things . . . the tower of Babel, and if Sodom & Gomorrah were really as bad as the outcry that reached up to Him.

4 – What is something you would like to know about heaven?

Oh my goodness, ALL THE THINGS.
I am so ready to blow this popsicle stand of a planet. Ha. I’m really curious to experience the absolute and unadulterated perfection of Heaven and the purity of God’s unfiltered presence . . . what is it like to consciously exist without any fear or pain or even discomfort . . . without dirt or disgrace . . . without even the possibility of anything going wrong {Revelation 22 says ‘no longer will there be anything accursed’}. I want to see who all is there because I think we will probably be surprised in both directions . . . I’m curious to see all the children that the earth never got to meet for one tragic reason or another, and I’m curious about why there are animals, ha. I want to know what heaven smells like and what it’s like to live in light so bright there aren’t any shadows.

5 – Who is the first person you knew on earth that you will look for or you hope will be waiting to greet you at the pearly gates?

My mom. 🙂

6Why do you think the streets of heaven are made of gold?

Because Heaven is a Kingdom.

7 – What is the ONE burning question you can’t wait to ask Jesus?

Honestly, I have never felt the need to wait until Heaven to ask Jesus anything . . .
I think the more accurate limitation is my ability to understand, should He answer me, ha. There’s not a singular burning question that comes to mind, I’m just super stoked to see everything clearly . . . to have full understanding of truth {1 Corinthians 13}.

8 – Other than Jesus, what person from the bible are you most interested to meet?

These are such good questions!! Melchizedek, hands down. Also – Enoch, seventh from Adam. Bless.

9 – What are three things you won’t miss about being on earth?

Being on earth, at all. Ha.
No, like I said in a previous post – I am thoroughly enamored with being alive, and with getting to experience the grace of redemption in this spiritually war-torn era of men. But I honestly can’t think of three things I would miss about being on earth. Heaven is SO MUCH BETTER. It’s kind of like American High School, I guess . . . under specific conditions it can be a great time, but even if it was . . . it’s sad if that’s when you peaked. Ha. The best is yet to come.

10 – What is the best spiritual advice you have ever received?

ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.

I have so, so much to say about slowing down, resting, and cultivating intimacy with God but I think it’s still steeping . . .
in the interim I will share a couple of verses to really actually digest even if you’ve heard them since you were four years old in a felt-board Sunday School class: Matthew 11:28-30; Psalm 46:10.

If anyone has any questions about following Jesus, or would like resources for bible study please feel free to leave a comment on this post, or submit a private note on my ABOUT ME page. Also, feel free to check out the MANIFESTO I have posted which gives a brief outline from scripture of who God reveals Himself to be.

. . . & & // take heart.


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