collected tweets {and being slow to speak}

Probably close to ten years ago now, I banned myself from twitter. I may have shared this before; but essentially I noticed that it was indulging the cynicism I felt compelled to overcome, and was in conflict with my intention to become slow to speak, quick to listen, and slow to get angry. I was an undergrad at UNC at the time, and in my immaturity found plenty of things to kvetch about, ha. {Comment below if you know of slash remember the kvetching board of The Daily Tarheel}. Enyhoo, every once in a while I am amused enough by my own “delicate arrangements” – as Mr. Collins would call them – to text them to my brother or the sibling group chat. I present to you the gems here lately that have left me chuckling to myself. I’ve discovered an embedded ‘click to tweet’ feature, so knock yourself out, haha.

Boy Meets World was the OG How I Met Your Mother

one time in college my friend bought new clothes instead of doing her laundry. it significantly impacted my worldview.

I got a new set of tires and half a stimmy. HMU 😂

That’s it, really. That’s all I got but they’ve just been in my head for days so here they are, ha. Everything else has been an unkind quip at the state of our society . . . thoughts that should be cast down instead of broadcasted, amen . . . a lil’ throwback “Jesus Juke” for yall. Which reminds me – one time Jon Acuff re-tweeted me and it was my there-to-fore claim to fame. I can’t remember if it was before or after I met Blake The TOMS Guy on campus. #celebrityflex.

kbye // . . . & &


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