Sometimes my playlists are organisms. Not static, but moving with . . . my mood, I guess. I’ve had this playlist in my rotation for a week or so now, existing in different iterations on various platforms and devices. For my own future reference once this playlist is inevitably deleted {because I am only slightly less averse to digital clutter as I am to objects and paper and stuff out of place} here’s how the list plays as of today on my glorified iPod. ha. The tracks are ordered largely with regard to the albums they were selected from to achieve a specific playlist ‘cover’; for ease of adding songs; and since I gravitate towards shuffling anyway . . .

>> from the iPhone of Rebekkah The Band <<

you found me・ loud harp
hold me together ・loud harp
(untitled) ・ loud harp
hide me away ・ loud harp
your love never runs out ・ loud harp
it’s you ・loud harp
like a dove ・loud harp
on solid ground ・loud harp
always with you ・loud harp
you see ・ jonathan ogden
let me not wander ・ jonathan ogden
psalm 91 ・ jonathan ogden
by the streams ・ jonathan ogden
deliverance ・ wilder adkins
colors ・ wilder adkins ft. lovkn
psalm 3 (a shield about me) ・ robbie seay band
peace of mind ・ john mark pantana
don’t even worry ・ john mark pantana
release the deep ・ josh white
awake ・ josh white
be still ・ josh white
like Jesus ・ edge kingsland
come to the water ・ edge kingsland
abide ・ edge kingsland
the round ・ edge kingsland
oh God ・ edge kingsland
peace ・ edge kingsland
it is well ・ the ember days
follow ・ andrea marie
you’ll be glad ・ andrea marie
something beautiful ・ andrea marie
Jesus i am resting, resting ・ page cxvi
His eye is on the sparrow ・ page cxvi
faithful ・ the branches {letters to thomas – ep, 2011}
lifter of my head ・ rebekkah the band
adonai ・ rebekkah the band
light life ・ rebekkah the band
psalm 66 (you are great) ・ robbie seay band
glory glory ・ river valley youth
dawn to dusk ・ all sons and daughters
praise the Lord/coda ・ edge kingsland
i could sing of your love forever ・ sonicflood
all must be well ・ liz vice
towering ・ seryn
on my knees ・ seryn
God of this restless heart ・ trinity grace church
great is our God ・ young oceans
your glory ・ all sons and daughters
i am set free ・ tim neufeld
Jesus loves me ・ page cxvi
rising sun ・ all sons and daughters

In the process of creating this post, I discovered that I can embed the Spotify version. How exciting!

. . . & & // happy listening. happy spring.


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