“Hi guys! … a lot of you have been asking…” ha. Just kidding none of you have been asking; however, I have gotten questions in real life from friends who are interested in introducing maca powder {not to be confused with matcha} into their lives. So I thought for the sake of simplicity that I’d come and record my updated go-to maca drink recipe. I’ve shared an oatmilk + honey variation on this post, and an almond milk variation on this post, but have since settled on goat milk as my personal favorite. Whichever milk, nut juice, or grain sauce that you decide on, this blend is a super cozy and versatile alternative to coffee/espresso beverages, and has – in my humble estimation – a similar artisanal attribute.

goat milk maca {for one}

notes: this is the combo that i have found to be most ideal for flavor and a smooth consistency. if you prefer or don’t have chocolate chips, you can use cocoa powder; maca powder tends not to fully dissolve, so using more powder{s} can lead to a grainy situation, particularly if you are adding cinnamon or other spices. i sometimes incorporate extracts {almond, vanilla} but have honestly not noticed much difference in flavor enhancement, especially if I am using sweetened chocolate chips.

I’m not 100% sure what I was drinking here, but the pic is close enough, ha. banana bread recipe shared on unrefined.

in a small sauce pot, heat up 8-10 ounces of goat milk.
as the milk starts to warm and develop steam, stir in 1/2 tablespoon {or less} maca powder.
next, stir in 1 to 2 tablespoons of ghiradelli chocolate chips. i use either 60% or 72% cocao.

. . . && // ‘maca’ your own and let me know how it goes! ha.

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