So I’m a ‘member’ of the ISTJ ‘subreddit’ which provides some small, thumbs-up-able measure of camaraderie, outlet, and entertainment. The other day someone posted a photo of a stack of super thick books, two journals, and a tablet as a “tell me without telling me” share. I am the same extra way, ha. I have multiple journals at any given time with specific assignments, and find myself consistently making my way through books with sometimes unexpectedly related thought-threads.

In this ISTJ moment at the end of a ‘9-5’ work day, I am strewn across my newly platformed bed with afternoon light streaming in from my second story in the forest windows, wearing a white linen makeshift skirt and grey tshirt I bought from Whole Foods, surrounded by books and – obviously – now making use of my iPad beyond merely providing an acoustic backdrop. Not every title is resting on the bed with me, but these are my current reads . . .

Wild Beauty • Jana Blakenship

Surf Shack • Nina Freudenberger

Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible

The Surfer’s Journal 30.2

An Unhurried Life • Alan Fadling

Another Side of Bob Dylan • Victor Maymudes

Salt • Leslie Bilderback

In Bibi’s Kitchen • Hawa Hassan with Julia Turshen

Sacred Places • American Bible Society


I made good headway through the Bob Dylan biography at the beach this weekend and I’m thinking it may be one of the first reads I make it all the way through.

In honorary mention is Think, Learn, Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf. I’ve been pages away from finishing for months at this point, ha.

. . . & & // happy reading.


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