the most delicious thing I’ve ever had…

After church on the baseball mound yesterday, I was telling some of the brethren about a snack I had attempted, and was quite sure wouldn’t live up to the vision that inspired it. I am delighted to report that I was wrong. I do think that it would have a broader appeal with sweeter, smoother, truly melted chocolate; but I in no way botched it by adding a tablespoon of maca powder and using 88% cocao. The post title is a hyperbole, but a few crunches in, and those were the words that followed, ha. To God be the glory, amen?

chocolate peanut butter cheerio situtation

2 cups gluten free cheerios
1/2 cup 100% peanut butter {no added oils, sugars, or salts}
5-6 medjool dates, pitted + chopped
1 tablespoon {or less} maca powder
{would probably be delicious with cinnamon}
3 oz melted dark chocolate

mix together in a bowl and set aside in what form you’d like to consume it.

Notes: I didn’t bother to ball or bar it, but I did press it into a glass baking dish and stuck it in the fridge – more to salve my roomie’s aversion to critters than to intentionally chill it {since I was out of vacant containers and had to use saran wrap}.

I ‘melted’ the chocolate using about a tablespoon of butter and goat milk, each; but the consistency was too thick and I was impatient. I recommend spending more time on that step, and perhaps dropping the % of cocoa to the 70s. However, the original outcome really hit the spot and resulted in fewer grams of sugar over all/per serving. ‘Twas less decadent dessert and more surprisingly good and actually healthy, hardly processed trail mix in the REI checkout line.

. . . & & // bowl apple tea

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