Today’s salad was comprised of spring mix greens, cucumber, gala apple, leftover salmon, and a handful of cashews . . . all chopped, of course. On her way out, my roomie offered up her extra avocados, one of which I eagerly nutri-blended into a dressing along with the juice of one lime and three tablespoons of goat milk yogurt I came across at Trader Joe’s. For seasoning, I added pink Himalayan salt and Badia’s Chile + Lime. Super simple and very satisfying.

I also came across Chip & JoJo’s pour-over coffee system on clearance at Target for $5, so that’s been a fun aesthetic addition to my days. I ran out of storage space quite some time ago {hence all the recycled photos in my posts, ha}, so all interested parties will have to take a scroll on my VSCO grid for pics.

In other news and photos, I have been tremendously grateful to live near so much of my state’s greenery and water bodies. I’m really starting to embrace the lake life, and have been having stirring thoughts about what Heaven must be like with out any seas {Rev. 21} . . .

& & // happy tuesday.


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