a whole entire lifetime of a year ago I traipsed up to Charlotte on the backroads at 5AM en route to record my first ever contracted studio project. I had no idea how much growth and goodness would come from that one big step of obedience, and all the small steps that led up to it . . . a friend of mine recently commented that she’s noticed maturation in my voice and more enjoyment in my disposition as I sing, and to God be the glory. I have had far more fun singing since my album was released than I have since before I felt the earnest call of God to pursue it. One of my biggest learning points of this project was when I realized how little I had actually enjoyed the process, and how seriously I was taking myself. By the mercy of God, I am now delighting in the glorious liberation that comes with humility, and acknowledging the fact I actually have very little control over what people hear when I sing to them. Ha. I am seeing the fruit of preparation and readiness, and learning to value consistency. And I am having so much fun. He truly is the glory and the Lifter of My Head.

how to listen

the album can be streamed in its entirety at no cost to the listener through this music page: https://rebekkahtheband.hearnow.com/. You can also use that link to access the album’s location on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, and Deezer.

Story songs for each of the five tracks are available for viewing on Instagram {@rebekkahtheband} and Youtube {lens flare, adonai, lifter of my head, morning song, light life}. Lastly, if you’d like to contribute towards the new guitar strings I so desperately need, your much appreciated gift can be shared through my Artist Support {paypal} page.

Thanks so much for listening, yall! And feel free to share your favorite track in the comments below! I’m always curious. 🙂

. . . & & // take heart.


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