Blitz about 8 medjool dates, a splash of almond extract, and a tablespoon of raw pumpkin seeds in a Nutri-bullet with an ounce or two of goat milk {bless}. Scrape the mush into a mixing bowl, and add a big spoonful of 100% peanut butter and about two tablespoons of honey {get the single-sourced, local good stuff if you can afford it}. Mix together until sooth, adding coconut flour slowly until you achieve a dough-ball-able consistency. Work into balls, press the balls onto a lined pan and refrigerate. For frosting, melt dark chocolate in olive oil and goat milk, stir until smooth and slather atop the nutri-blitzes. Let them sit in the fridge for an hour or two . . . bone apple teeth.

. . . & & // visit my vsco grid for visuals: one // two // three

*if you need this to be vegan, it’s easily accomplished by using vegan chocolate and 86-ing the goat milk.
** this is an unsponsored post; I just enjoy portmanteau-ing things. please enjoy whatever tools you have.
*** elbow grease and a mortar/pestle situation would suffice if you don’t have other appliances.


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