Hear me out, ha. I have been the person who has had to consciously refuse offense when I see someone post an abominable ‘mug cake’ recipe because No. Immediately, no. The same has been true about “raw” slash “vEgAn desserts” and “no bake cookies”. Cookies are meant to be baked, ok? Cookies are the chemistry . . . the perfectly compounded brown sugar, vanilla, and oven-melted chocolate chips. And. Ha. After a year of such indulgences, I am purposing to practice temperance. So here am I in defense of ‘raw cookie-dough’ . . .

To satisfy the baking itch that accompanies my sweet tooth, I’ve been cobbling together small batches of *gasp* no-bake, healthy alternatives, some such combos I’ve already posted. There are any number of variations that turn out really well; but here are the essentials: nuts and-or seeds {in their natural, whole form or pre-blessed butters}; local wild honey; maca powder; cinnamon; dark chocolate chips {without lame additives if possible}. I’ve particularly enjoyed adding coconut flour for fiber and texture, but I wouldn’t consider it essential. All you basically do is mix everything together in a single bowl {or container} by preferred taste/texture, shape into balls, press into patties, or smooth into a container to be hacked at with a spoon.

Today’s variation was nutri-blitzed brazil nuts + two teaspoons of tahini + a drizzle of honey + cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Bless. I’m trying to be mindful of portions because brazil nuts are just so chock-full of the good stuff, and you don’t want to overdose on selenium, ha. My delightful raw cookie dough slapped room-temperature, but I stored it in the fridge just because I tend to {once the oils of the nuts/seeds have been released through blitzing}.

Other various ingredients that I’ve nutriblitzed into ‘cookie dough’ lately include pumpkin seeds, almond butter, peanut butter, walnuts, the aforementioned coconut flour, medjool dates!! and vanilla or almond extract for a bit more depth of flavor.

. . . & & // happy snacking!


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