Some women cut their hair when life changes. Evidently, I splurge on new blog domains and make small, monumental aesthetic changes to the space where I come to exhale. But speaking of hair, mine has been tragically and comically breaking off in inches at a time. . . I might as well have “big chop”-ed it. So I ordered some more, lol. I had plans to install long, bohemian goddess braids today with non-toxic extensions I came across on Instagram. Apparently, I misunderstood their “clearly explained” processing and shipping policy so said extensions are not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday.

At some point, it became clear to me that God had other ideas for our weekend. As always, His idea was better. Quite literally more than would have otherwise occurred to me. Between all the real estate legalities settling into their respective synapses and the combined closed-to-thirty ounces of caffeinated inspiration I consumed on today’s coffee crawl, I am feeling more like myself and bustling with words to fit a few feelings. Some semblance of cohesive stories to tell.

But first,

a few Classic Style Specs:

worn-in ripped denim from Böhme
heather grey v-neck
wide strap, dark leather rainbows
small gold Priscilla Ma studs & ear cuff
accumulated costal wave rings
the california necklace I was gifted from a former boss
ella+mila ‘pure love’ {white} nail polish . . . fingers & toes

Today actually commemorates ten years to the day my mom left this popsicle stand of a planet for the unfiltered presence of Love, which partially accounts for the hard time I’ve been having lately. More than I knew, I needed a long drive and a lake. From a cozy waterfront bench, the last piece of the lake puzzle fell into place and the steady predictability of a landlocked big body of water entirely appealed to me. This die-hard, tide-hearted, aspiring beach bum surf enthusiast is now dreaming of becoming a Lake Lady {to borrow a phrase from Jami Nato, ha.}. It in no way replaces the ocean, but there is room enough in me now for both. More on that later.

Coffee shops are kind of like surf spots.

. . . expedition and discovery . . . the desire to rhapsodize mingled with the dread of eventual exposure. If I tell everyone just how glorious this spot is, will there be a spot for me when I show up?

In both cases, the allure of “content” usually wins out. The wave gets posted . . . at this point the planet is already drenched in drones. And I want my coffee shops to actually stay open, so everyone please go and patron, ha.

Today I fell in love with Lake Norman and 2/3 of the coffee shops I went to. And God, more deeply. Again. He is kind of like a surf spot, too. Someone can try and travel-log every ounce of stoke they felt in the barrel, but the stoke and satisfaction are not transferable. You have to expedition and discover for yourself. He makes known to us the path of life. In His presence there is fullness of joy; and at His right hand are pleasures forever more {Psalm 16:11}. More on that later. 🙂

take heart,

2 responses to “rebekkah the blog”

  1. Love the new look. I’m a huge fan of blush! I used to hate any pink-ish hue, but the older I got… My goal look for my home office (when I finally get to have a home office again) is blush and navy. We’ll see how it actually turns out. I can relate to wanting your favorite spot to yourself, but also wanting it to be patronized enough that it sticks around. Hopefully we can find a peace-filled balance.



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