“My Sims are all thriving . . .” has oft been included as of late when one of my siblings or close friends has asked how I am doing. For those unfamiliar with this cultural artifact from the turn of the century, The Sims is a computer game in which you can build and simulate characters and their homes and their livelihoods. I particularly enjoy The Sims 2 for it’s simplicity and wholesomeness. There’s actually a whole entire sub-reddit dedicated to Sims 2 players/enthusiasts, but this has become such a significant part of my life that I decided to blog their stories here, lol. I am entirely aware of how ridiculous this is, but it is – as other things in my life – the leafy tip of a golden beet . . . an iceberg. The bit that shows is me nerding out on a computer game. The chunky hidden goodness is me learning how to play and dream and imagine and not take myself so seriously. So let us begin . . .

At this point, I am three generations into a legacy family and have expanded to the mountains in the middle of the island. I’m also having trouble actually accessing the photos you can take within the game, so I’ve resorted to screenshots of the families and the community as they are presently comprised.

The north shore families started with Benni & Timothy Inland, and their three sons – Benaiah, Ethan, and Alan; and Alyzabeth & Andrew Cash who had a daughter named Jewelyette. Jewelyette and Benaiah essentially had an arranged marriage which worked out because they were genuinely best friends anyway. After they got married, they had fraternal twins which I was super stoked about. They also have a cat name Bonkers which was adopted in Benaiah’s youth and has since become a part of their family.

The original floor plans that inspired this endeavor proved to be a little cumbersome on the memory components once fully furnished and decorated, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed created quirky properties full of character that allow the sims to explore their interests and develop their skills.

Jack Mavericks’ House

Jack Mavericks is the island’s resident retired pro-surfer who is now transitioning to a career in the culinary arts, ha. He ended up marrying Ivy {can’t remember what her maiden name was} who is pursuing the ‘Slacker’ career so that I can reach that career reward. I honestly don’t even remember what the reward is, but she’s currently a freelance photographer, so that’s fun. Ha.

While the first families were more focused on agriculture and relationships, I recently discovered how to have the sims successfully run their own businesses, and I’m super stoked about the entrepreneurs that live in the mid-island mountains. One couple owns a wilderness store, the best friend of the wife of that couple runs an art gallery, and I just created two brothers who run a coffee situation.

So this has been a respite when I’ve needed it. I’ve concluded that The Sims 2 is a perfect ISTJ past-time. There is so much satisfaction in accomplishing life goals without the hindrances of actual life, ha. I’ve turned off aging on most of the sim lots, and don’t remember the last time I played a sim without abundantly furnishing them with finances. So if you’re interested in becoming a Sims 2 enthusiast, allow me to equip you with these necessary enhancements . . .

Once you download the game and are in a ‘lot’, hold down CTRL, SHIFT, C all at the same time. A thin white text bar should appear at the top of your screen. To turn off aging, type:

aging off

You can turn it back on by holding those keys down and typing: aging on. You’ll want to have aging on if you have children or teenagers that you want to grow into adults, and once you’re ready for your sims to make their way towards old-age. I think the default setting is 26 sim-days of adulthood, which just felt short to me given that it’s a game and is supposed to be fun, ha. There’s enough time-pressure in real life as it is . . .

Even with these enhancements, the game offers plenty of challenges, problem-solving, and opportunities for your sims to meet skill-level, professional, and relational goals to keep things interesting.

To abundantly furnish your sims with all the finances they need for glorious Berkeley // Santa Cruz // California inspired homes, hold those keys down and type:


for an instant 50,000 simoleons. You’re welcome.


Ralph Waldo Emerson

take heart,

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