I’ll get through these changes somehow, he sings. And I sing with him. ‘He’ being Ray Lamontagne in my Spotify playlists . . .

Words and phrases come back to me as the days end more quickly. And I have more space. My heart has been enlarged over the summer and it’s filling up with grace. Grace that gets me going through things I thought I couldn’t endure. My heart is like paper, grace is like a flame.

There are so many things I could say and so many changes. So many rhythms I’ve gotten so far away from, drifting out and onward toward new horizons. Which reminds me that I meant to add Eternal As The Moon to my list of Songtober shares. But I have in mind to categorize it as a ‘riddilistic rendering’ because I want to share more of the story behind that song.

I am not at all where I thought I’d be this autumn . . . or who.

Last year was the coziest and easily most restorative year I had lived through in as long as I could remember. Like, probably twenty or so years. I do remember my 7th birthday and the year that followed as being particularly enjoyable to me in my youth. There was something about being seven that really did feel perfect to me. And on top of all that I had been given the good gift of a baby sister. 🙂

Last year, I was given time. So much time to sit with my Maker in silence and quiet and rest. I had a new batch of friends and salmon cooked for me just about every other weekend. I had healing.

And I had hoped. Ha. I always do. I am quite literally an eternal optimist. An optimistic realist. I see what’s not right and what could go wrong, but I genuinely believe that it can – with God’s help – be bested . . . He has already overcome the world.

This autumn I have new friends again. And different comforts. And a wider-open soul. And I’ll get through these changes . . . somehow.

boosted box-brownies

After work I stopped by a new Target in my neighborhood to vibe-check and collect some paper towels. I came out with the means to create an impromptu dessert . . . Ghiradelli chocolate chip brownie mix enhanced with about a 1/2 c of chopped pecans, a tbsp of vanilla extract, and few shakes of pumpkin spice. Bake with two eggs, two tablespoons of water, and 1/3 c of olive oil for thickness.

take heart,


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