sunrise coffee sessions call for the trusty travel mug.

To start, I boil purified water in a clear electric kettle, and wet 1-2 paper coffee filters. I assemble my Chip + Jo cone-drip coffee situation and place a {usually stone-wear} mug beneath the cone. Evidently I’m curating a collection of sturdy, cream-colored mugs with stylized local bears. I’ve got three from California, and one from Pisgah Inn. I’ll keep in mind to collect one from Colorado. 🙂

Next, I scoop two fat tablespoons of ground coffee into the paper-filtered cone; 1/4 – 1/2 tablespoon of maca powder into the bottom of my mug; and pour-over, stirring the maca powder for the first few seconds.

Lastly, I add a splash of goat milk and swirl gently with either my one remaining tiny ikea spoon with a pellucid purple handle or the fat circular tablespoon I used to scoop my earth-dusts. It’s quite a comforting rhythm.

. . . sometimes I just privy myself to caribou drive-thru.

take heart,

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